Hey! Welcome to my wacky world of beautiful mayhem. When I have some free time I love being creative/exploring art. I’m a gymanast and a dancer. I play a lot of video games – favorites rn are: Apex, Overwatch, Rogue Co, and Board Game Arena games.  If you’re also a creative freak who gets too invested in projects we will definitely vibe. Feel free to checkout my Fansly or Pocketstars to nerd out and get sexy in the direct messages 🖤

  • Limits?
    • Anal penetration to myself, beastiality, degrading myself, puke, beastiality, age play, cnc, race play, blackmail, consuming my blood/urine/scat. 
  • Do you offer video calls?
    • No. 
  • Do you offer chatting?
    • Yes – when I have the time, on Fansly or Pocketstars – username: flowergoddess28

My Flexible Schedule – Central Standard Time

Best times to reach me for chatting

Feel free to message me other times, and I will respond as soon as I can. Hours can change at a moment’s notice; life happens.

Monday: OFF

Tuesday – Sunday:

Noon – 1:30 pm

4 – 6 pm

Contact Me:

Telegram- flowergoddess420

Email: fgstudios28@gmail.com